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  1. A tireless innovator of art and culture, London’s a city of ideas and the imagination. British people are fiercely independent thinkers so London’s creative milieu is naturally streaked with leftfield attitude, from theatrical innovation to contemporary art, pioneering music, writing, design, and of course, fashion.
  2. Mr Britton sets the standard for ambition and men's power fashion. This sharp jacketed gent chooses to make his way up the corporate ladder in a light navy pinstripe.
  3. Whether it's Stocks, Derivatives or Commodities, you will feel comfortable taking calculated risks day in and day out in this sophisticated fabric.
  4. The numbers will always balance when you are wearing this pink plaid shirt. Accounting doesn't have to be all black and white!
  5. When Edward Lewis, a successful businessman and "corporate raider", is driving down Hollywood Boulevard he makes sure he is wearing this stunning midnight blue chef-d'oeuvre.
  6. The ultimate blue herringbone shirt, befitting the courts as well as on any negotiation table.
  7. New The Specter Suit
    Inside and outside the courtroom there's no denying that Mr Specter has one of Manhattan's sharpest tongues. However his presence wouldn't be half as threatening without a sharp suit to round out his character. This navy texture tailored suit will have you screaming objections across the court.
  8. Col. Frank Slade is a man that appreciates travel, women, good food, fine wine, the tango, chauffeured limousines and a loaded forty-five. He may be blind, but his fashion sense is 20/20.
  9. You take pride in being your own boss, running your own start-up. Make things happen in this striped shirt.
  10. Accepting an award from the Academy? Giving a speech at a congrational dinner? No worries... the black dinner suit is a no-brainer when style and sophistication is a must.
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