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  1. Value is perception, at the end of the day. Wearing this cheque shirt will ensure you making a lasting impression.
  2. Sure, we'll admit that pink probably isn't the first colour you think of when you think of a robed judge slamming down his gavel, but believe us when we tell you this shirt is a great companion for almost any shade of suit. It's going to look fantastic when you're fully suited up with a tie and cuff-links, or on casual Friday alongside jeans and your favourite blazer.
  3. Cynical American expatriate Rick Blaine is the proprietor of an upscale nightclub and gambling den in Casablanca in early December 1941. "Rick's Café Américain" attracts a mixed clientele with just one thing in common; They are all impeccably dressed.
  4. The quintessential white shirt for all occasions, from black tie events to the races, this indispensable item belongs in your wardrobe.
  5. American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago, and the leader of a legendary team of law enforcement agents nicknamed The Untouchables, Mr Ness knew how to wear a jacket with confidence.
  6. A professional sports bettor, former Las Vegas casino executive and organized crime associate, "Ace" journeyed from the bleachers of Wrigley Field all the way to the bright lights of The Strip. Always looking sharp, Mr Rothstein was an exponent of the classic suit.
  7. Roma, as a millennium-long centre of power, culture (having been the cradle of one of the globe's greatest civilisations ever) and religion, has exerted a huge influence over the world in its roughly 2800 years of existence. Treat yourself to bit of 'La Dolce Vita' with this Italian Wool dinner suit.
  8. You may have heard that Venice is an engineering marvel, with marble churches built atop ancient posts driven deep into the mud – but the truth is that this city is built on sheer nerve. Reasonable people might blanch at water approaching their doorsteps and flee at the first sign of high tide. But reason can’t compare to Venetian resolve. Instead of bailing out, Venetians have flooded the world with voluptuous Venetian-red paintings and wines, music, Marco Polo spice-route flavours, and bohemian-chic fashion.
  9. Mr Crown is a rich and successful playboy that amuses himself by stealing priceless artwork. Thomas Crown is a bored billionaire with an eye for stylish suits and fine art.
  10. Consider permission permanently granted to step up, strip down and go too far: other towns may surprise you, but in San Francisco you will surprise yourself. Good times and social revolutions tend to start here, from manic Gold Rushes to blissful hippie Be-Ins.
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