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The best shirt you've every owned is created from over 15 measurements, resulting in a one-of-a-kind shirt cut precisely to fit your body.

The fit is just the start. Make this shirt your own by customising everything from buttons, monograming and contrast fabrics to collar and cuff styles. You name it, you can change it!

  1. The quintessential white shirt for all occasions, from black tie events to the races, this indispensable item belongs in your wardrobe.
  2. This casual shirt is perfect for all, 7 days a week, and not just for those that create the perfect cup of coffee with just the right crema.
  3. The ultimate blue herringbone shirt, befitting the courts as well as on any negotiation table.
  4. Running a partnership requires rigour and discipline. You have earned your stripes, now show who's boss.
  5. Leading an organisation is hard work. Want people to follow? This executive shirt commands attention.
  6. The art of persuasion and influencing consumers is what you embody. Get your audience to take action with this blue check shirt.
  7. Chess and boardrooms are one and the same - you will always be one move ahead in this thinking man's shirt.
  8. Sure, we'll admit that pink probably isn't the first colour you think of when you think of a robed judge slamming down his gavel, but believe us when we tell you this shirt is a great companion for almost any shade of suit. It's going to look fantastic when you're fully suited up with a tie and cuff-links, or on casual Friday alongside jeans and your favourite blazer.
  9. Value is perception, at the end of the day. Wearing this cheque shirt will ensure you making a lasting impression.
  10. The numbers will always balance when you are wearing this pink plaid shirt. Accounting doesn't have to be all black and white!
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