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Business Shirts

  1. For the discerning practitioner. A classic herringbone weave that looks just as sharp in the office as it does in the operating theatre.
  2. Whether it's Stocks, Derivatives or Commodities, you will feel comfortable taking calculated risks day in and day out in this sophisticated fabric.
  3. Getting the message across to a class of weary students can be a tough ask. This lilac pinpoint shirt will be sure to hold their attention.
  4. Numbers and percentages are your forte; this is the shirt to tease out trends and stamp out those key messages.
  5. Work the room in style. Whether you're networking or accepting an award, this classic and elegant shirt ensures you will be well prepared for your next formal occasion.
  6. All good surgeons are intelligent, conscientious, creative, courageous, and demonstrate perseverance on behalf of their patients. This crisp and clean white shirt provides the clarity required to let you get the difficult jobs done while maintaining a profressional and capable appearance.
  7. Sure, we'll admit that pink probably isn't the first colour you think of when you think of a robed judge slamming down his gavel, but believe us when we tell you this shirt is a great companion for almost any shade of suit. It's going to look fantastic when you're fully suited up with a tie and cuff-links, or on casual Friday alongside jeans and your favourite blazer.
  8. You are the subject matter expert in your chosen field. Just like this shirt, you're well respected by your peers.
  9. The numbers will always balance when you are wearing this pink plaid shirt. Accounting doesn't have to be all black and white!
  10. You take pride in being your own boss, running your own start-up. Make things happen in this striped shirt.
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