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Every George & King by InStitchu suit is unique. Our tailoring team will cut and sew a one-of-a-kind suit crafted to fit just one person - you!

The fit is just the start. Make this suit your own by customising everything from buttons, linings and fabrics to lapel and venting styles. You name it, you can change it!

  1. Wealthy and successful Mr Gatsby is all about personal myth-making, and that means investing in beautiful, practical modern classics. From humble beginnings, Jay's desire to escape his circumstances and make a name for himself is admirable and embodies this new avant-garde windowpane grey suit.
  2. Clyde Barrow a well known outlaw who travelled the central United States in the thirties with his partner in crime, Bonnie Parker, always at his side. He may have been a lunatic criminal, but he sure did dress well. Clyde would be right at home in this suave classic.
  3. This suave grey custom men's suit, shows off stunning blue highlights when in direct light. Constructed with high quality wool.
  4. Corporate raider, activist, capitalist - Gordon is aggressive and always wants more. His choice of suit? A classic black pinstripe. Bold and empowering.
  5. The Burgundy dinner suit is a serious head-turner for those looking to make a entrance and leave as lasting impression.
  6. Men, take note. Ill fitting shirts and jeans are out. It's time to suit up, and Mr Stinson is here to show you how with his sophisticated wardrobe of suits, suits and more suits. He knows that when you want to make an impression, be it on a girl at the bar or your boss, a grey pinstripe is the way to go.
  7. Cynical American expatriate Rick Blaine is the proprietor of an upscale nightclub and gambling den in Casablanca in early December 1941. "Rick's Café Américain" attracts a mixed clientele with just one thing in common; They are all impeccably dressed.
  8. American Prohibition agent, famous for his efforts to enforce Prohibition in Chicago, and the leader of a legendary team of law enforcement agents nicknamed The Untouchables, Mr Ness knew how to wear a suit with confidence.
  9. You may have heard that Venice is an engineering marvel, with marble churches built atop ancient posts driven deep into the mud – but the truth is that this city is built on sheer nerve. Reasonable people might blanch at water approaching their doorsteps and flee at the first sign of high tide. But reason can’t compare to Venetian resolve. Instead of bailing out, Venetians have flooded the world with voluptuous Venetian-red paintings and wines, music, Marco Polo spice-route flavours, and bohemian-chic fashion.
  10. Consider permission permanently granted to step up, strip down and go too far: other towns may surprise you, but in San Francisco you will surprise yourself. Good times and social revolutions tend to start here, from manic Gold Rushes to blissful hippie Be-Ins.
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