Have you have had the same 2 suits on rotation for too long? Have you worn that favourite shirt so often that it's permanently sweat stained and coming apart at the seams? Have you been recycling the same old combinations for months... years... or even... (GASP!) decades?

Continue reading for 5 reasons why refreshing your look is a no-brainer.



If you look good, you're going to feel good. Whether you're presenting to the board, or exchanging smiles with that new girl from Marketing, you're confidence will be boosted when you're looking a million dollars



People really do notice those around them who take pride in their appearance. By dressing well youre sending a clear signal that you respect yourself, and in return those around you will respect you too.



When you see a disheveled guy in the office, you rightly or wrongly think lazy, disorganised, and not too bright. A sharp suit and crisp white shirt can do wonders for your personal brand. When you're dressed well, not only do you look smarter, but you feel smarter too.



The way you present yourself can have a profound effect on the way you act, and how you a perceived by those around you. Putting a little effort put into your clothing can make you think a certain way and have a positive impact on your performance. The best advice I ever received was to "dress for the job you want" - don't be overlooked for that big promotion because you look a little scruffy.



The sum of the four points is a happier and more successful you. What are you waiting for? Start building your custom wardrobe today.