When it comes to looking sharp, a custom tailored suit will always stand out.

Before the wide-spread availabilty of off-the-rack suits, men would have their own tailor. In fact, in many cases, gents would remain loyal to a single tailor who knew their perfect fit inside out ensuring their clothing was perfectly fitted and balanced.

When you see a celebrity, politician or business leader looking dapper in a suit, the main reason you take notice is probably due to the fact that their suits are impeccably tailored to their bodies.

The evidence supporting custom tailoring over mass-producted clothing is clear.

Here are 8 reasons why your next suit should should be custom tailored:


#1 - The Perfect Fit

When you buy a factory stitched, mass produced, off-the-rack suit there is a high chance it's not going to fit properly. Standard sizes suits are made following a cookie-cutter approach and don't take into account the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes with specific needs and tastes.

Often retailers will suggest you alter the garment to make it fit. While minor alterations are OK, more major undertakings risk damaging the structural integrity of the garment.

For complete control over the fit of your suit, custom tailoring is your only option. A custom suit is crafted from more than 100 data points ensuring a perectly crafted garment that's made to fit just one person, you!


#2 - The Measurements

Have you ever noticed that you fit a 'medium' from one brand and a 'large' at another? Well, that is because every store has a different cut. Not only is this confusing, it's also very time consuming. You end up wasting your time in fitting rooms trying on different sizes before you find something that fits.

When you go custom, your exact measurements are taken and saved in your tailors database. Your measurement profile is ready and waiting when you're ready for your next suit.


#3 - Your Own Brand

Don’t believe the hype from over-rated labels that come with a heavy price tag but deliver an ordinary look.

When you choose custom tailoring your garment will be crafted to your personal tastes and character, effively creating your own personal brand, always in stock and always in your size.


#4 - You're the Designer

The beauty of custom made suits is that you're able to select from a wide variety of world class fabrics customisation option. Everything from cuffs and collars, to lapels and linings, it can all be made to your exact tastes and specifications.

You have the ability to create a look right out of the latest issue of Men's Style. You can even take inspiration from existing designer looks and add your own spin on it.


#5 - The Quality

Quality is the most important and perhaps the biggest advantage of custom clothing. A high quality custom suit will make you look the part without much effort.

Construction quality will increase your garments life-span, and in the case of canvassed suits, allow the garment to adapt to the shape of your body over time.

Always remember, a cheap suit that fits perfectly will look infinitely better than an expensive suit that doesn’t fit.


#6 - The Fabric Range

Tailored suiting fabrics don't just come in a variety of brands but also in different hues and shades. That is something you can’t easily or readily find off-the-rack.

If you want to go for a very subtle look and not draw any attention, go for a navy blue or charcoal grey colour. These colours work best around the office and at formal events. However, if you're dressing up for a wedding, wearing a light coloured suit such as cambridge grey or olive green can work wonders to take your look to the next level.


#7 - Maintenance & Lifespan

Another key benfit of a tailored suit is care guidance and maintenance services that can materially increase the life-span of your suit.

For example, if you have lost a few kilos your tailor will be able to profressionally alter your suit and update your measurement profile.


#8 - It Starts with Suits

Suits are just the beginning. George & King tailors overcoats, shirts, vest, chinos and and casual blazers all from your single set of measurements.

For the winter months we recommend a tailored overcoat to help keep the elements at bay.