This August, George & King are proud to be exhibiting their suit designs on the runway at EKKA’s Natural Fibres Parade. This year marks the 26th year of Ekka presenting its Natural Fibres Fashion Parades which is Ekka’s most glamorous event.

The Back to Nature Natural Fibres Fashion Parades will be staged on the Entertainment and Fashion Stage, upper level, Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds at 12.30, 1.30 and 2.30pm daily during the Ekka festival.


There are huge benefits to using natural products when creating garments, both from a sustainability perspective and also in terms of durability and wear- ability.

Eco Friendly

Wool production is one of the most sustainable in fashion. Wool is grown year-round by Australian farmers and collected from over 71 million sheep. It is a completely natural and ethical process, causing no harm to the sheep. Wool is bio-degradable and does not have any negative environmental impact.

As a natural bi-product, wool will naturally decompose back into the earth, therefore not leaving long lasting damage by remaining in landfills for years to come.

It is a renewable source of fibre, unlike synthetics. The sheep will of course re-grow its fleece each year, with the sheering causing no pain or long-term harm to the animal.

The Stylists Canvas

Wool provides designers and stylists with a blank canvas, it can be dyed using natural colourings from nature and holds the colour. People often associate wool with warmth, sweaters and jumpers for winter. This could not be further from the truth. A suit made in pure wool, whatever the composition is perfect whatever the weather.

Wool is an active fibre; the fabric reacts to the bodies temperature. Keeping you cooler in the warmer months, as the fabric draws moisture away from the skin and releases it into the atmosphere. The fabric will not create heat like synthetics. Wool is waterproof and will not retain moisture.

In the cooler month’s the fabric acts like a layer of insulation, ensuring the warm air stays circulating around the body. A suit in pure wool is also light enough to wear with an overcoat in the winter without creating weight.

From a style perspective, wool suits (pardon the pun) any body shape. As a natural fibre, it does not create static, meaning that the garment will drape over any problem areas and not hug the body when moving. A pure wool suit compliments most body types and can hide a multitude of sins (especially when matched with a wool and horsehair canvas). The light material falls correctly and creates a slim line silhouette that is comfortable to wear.

Wool is one of the best materials to work with when tailoring suits, sports jackets and overcoats. The fabric cuts easily without fraying and is pliable, ensuring the end product is a great looking, masterfully crafted garment

The aftercare of the garment is easy, wool responds well to steam cleaning and does not crumple as easily as synthetic garments. Invest a good clothing brush for marks, though on the whole wool is stain resistant.

Sustainable Practices

George & King are proud to use exclusively natural fibres when creating their garments, wool for suits and cotton for shirts. In a fast fashion, consumer culture it is important to create classic garments that can be worn for years to come utilising products from nature.

George & King will showcase their garments daily at this year’s EKKA. Marking the 140th Anniversary of the Festival. For further information about Ekka visit