It is hard to go past a black tuxedo for timeless classic style. However lately we have been seeing all sorts of unique takes on the classic tux with a variety of creative colours and styles.

Here's a few of our favourites. Hopefully they'll inspire you to mix it up a little at your next formal event.


The All Ivory Tuxedo

The all ivory tuxedo is so very bond. We love how there is no satin so the tuxedo stays classy while the fabric covered buttons still gives it that tuxedo feel. With ivory tuxedos it is important to pair with black pants, ivory pants can make the look too washed out and ivory pants can get dirty easily, so not a good idea. Pair with a white shirt and black bow tie, it really is simple elegance.


Light Charcoal Tuxedo

Changing the colour of a tuxedo is an easy way to completely modernise the look. To keep the tuxedo looking sharp, it is nice to keep the satin detailing in black. Light grey with black detailing will turn heads as it is simple yet striking, and has not been done a lot before. At George and King feel  free to pick and choose where you would like the black satin placed. Sometimes having the black satin on all areas can make it look too busy, so often it is a good idea taking the satin off the top pocket, as seen on the photo below. A good idea if the groom is wearing a grey tuxedo is to have the groomsmen in the same colour, but in a traditional suit. This will make the wedding party look cohesive while still allowing the groom to stand out.


Maroon Tuxedo

A maroon tuxedo is a great choice for someone that wants to go for something daring and different. Maroon is a great tone as it is not as harsh on the skin tone with its cooler undertone of purple. A great way to customise this coloured tuxedo is to have a satin bind around the edge of the lapel rather than having the full lapel in satin. This makes the black contrast not as stark. Black pants work well with this jacket, as maroon is quite striking colour so can often feel too overpowering if it is on an all over suit.


The Navy Blue Tuxedo

The great thing about a navy blue suit is that anyone can wear it and it will instantly make your look become right on trend and modern. A way to make your tuxedo look even more one of a kind is to place the black satin detailing only on the lower half of the lapel.  A peak or a notch lapel is great for this and really emphasises the lapel. As shown in the picture below a black pocket square or a black top pocket will really pull this whole look together.