September 3rd is right around the corner. You know what that means. Father’s Day!

Now is the time to celebrate Dad’s. Every single father-offspring bond is unique. But one common thread (suit pun) is how our fathers are a source of inspiration, our moral and practical guide, style inspiration, sharing fashion advice, the first mentors we ever had.

Men generally find being a father and the experience of raising a child doesn’t change their identity but enhances it. It brings out the best in them, they rise to the occasion of caring for a small child. You may have always thought of your father as the strong, stable man the person who has stood beside you through thick and thin.

When you were young, you probably thought that was just the way your dad was. Now that you’re older, you must realize that your dad must have been learning on the job. There must have been mistakes too, as he struggled to understand the best way to deal with a particular situation. As an adult, you’re in a much better place to appreciate his struggle, and be proud of the parent he turned into. That’s why Father’s Day is such a great time to reflect on the morals and lessons your dad taught you.



It can be hard to think of a suitable gift to give your dad on this day, one that expresses your emotions and gratitude.

Treat your father to a premium experience this Father’s Day, one that he deserves. A custom suit or shirt to ensure he remains dapper, still rocking the style that you imitated for so many years.



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