Someone say black tie? I often hear people dreading the thought of having to wear the ‘penguin suit’ (or formally known as the tuxedo) to a black tie event. Whether you are the groom or have been invited to a VIP charity night, the tuxedo is often looked over, or not even considered.

A tuxedo has a classy elegance to it that you can just not simply get with a normal suit.

Its simplicity is exactly what creates its charm. It also surprises people all the time, here at George and King, just how many customisations you can actually make to this suit, creating your point of difference.


The Satin Detailing

What essentially sets a tuxedo apart from a business suit is the satin detailing. The usual is to have satin on the lapel and pockets of the jacket, with satin covered buttons and a satin waistband.

The great thing about George and King is you can customise where the satin is placed. Sometimes people want just the lapel to be showing in the satin so it is not too traditional while others like to have everything that they can in satin including the pocket piping on their pants. By having these options it really does allow each tuxedo to be quite different to the last.


Lapel Options

The two lapel styles to consider are the Peak and the Shawl. The peak is said to be more formal than the shawl however both are just as authentic and classy. We advise you to stay away from the notch lapel, even though this is the most popular lapel style today in business suits. The notch will most likely create confusion that you are a cocktail waiter, however the fashion forward are considering it to be making a comeback.


The Fabric Colour

The traditional colour of a tuxedo is plain black with a white tuxedo shirt. The black and white colour palette creates a timeless look which draws the attention onto you, rather than your clothes. The cream tuxedo with a black shawl and pants is another spin on the tuxedo.

This colour combination is most common is summer weddings due to its formal, yet light feel. The midnight blue tuxedo, is also a nice alterative for the one who likes to be daring and different. The midnight blue wool paired with the black satin shawl is perfect for a groom, as it is traditional, while also allows you to noticed.


Finishing Touches

Some important items to remember to get to complete your formal tuxedo look are:

- A Crisp white tuxedo shirt
- A Black satin bowtie
- A White pocket square
- If you're feeling adventurous, a Cummerbund can be a game changer


Credits — Photos (in order of use): ‘David Dubinsky and two men in formal attire‘ by Kheel Center. CC BY 4.0.