The lifelong search for...The Perfect Fit.

In life, we often believe that we’ve found the one. Fits like a glove, brings out your best features, simply put, a match made in heaven. But this search is not easy—you will most likely go through some placeholders, the bad ones, the ones you would call an “ill fitted match”. There’s no question about it, the custom, tailored option will always be the answer to finding your perfect fit.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a go to guide as to why we guarantee you will find love when it comes to custom tailoring, and why-off-the rack is a simple deterrent in the lifelong search of finding the perfect fit.

Suited to you

Sometimes, it’s hard to explain, but the fit is just not right. With off-the-rack only offering standard approximated options, many which are created to fit millions of the perfect fit like yourself, there’s almost no way that you can find the perfect fit for your exact body type. With the custom, tailored route however, your garment will be catered and crafted to your exact body measurements, no matter if you have a dad bod, you’re tall, long arms, or are on the stocky side, you will find the perfect fit. Finding the perfect fit may require some assistance, so when going down the custom, tailored route, you can even get an expert Stylist to measure your body, and help you along the way, something that you can’t find with the off-the-rack option.

Everything that you could have imagined

There’s something called a soulmate manifestation list; write down all of the qualities that you envision in your perfect fit, throw it out to the universe, and your divine partner may be just around the corner. With the custom, tailored route, you can do just that. Picture what you want; is “the one” a navy hue? Or a lighter shade of blue? Will it have buttons that kiss? Or a shawl lapel that shines? Whatever you want, when you go for a custom, tailored garment, you can bring your perfect fit to life, sooner than you think.

So much love, so much care

Go into a store and buy an off-the-rack suit, and that will be as far as the story goes—consider it the final chapter. With a custom, tailored garment, there is so much love and care that is involved in your journey to find the perfect fit. With Stylists there to be your designated matchmakers, you can be guided through each step, from choosing your customisation options and fabrics, to getting your measurements taken. A custom, tailored suit will be created with old-fashioned craftsmanship and precision, with each stitch carefully inspected—that’s what we call love. Let’s be honest, you will only receive what you believe you deserve, and you deserve a whole lot of love, so don’t settle for the quick option, and invest in a custom, tailored garment created from only the highest level of love and care.

The journey to finding the perfect fit can often be discouraging, it can sometimes feel like it will never happen, it can be heartbreakingly misleading, but when it’s right, it will be oh so right—we guarantee this search will be worth it. This Valentine’s Day, invest in yourself, go for the custom, tailored route, as you deserve all the love in this world.