With the cooler weather looming it is easy to get lost amid the different layers and styles. But, an understanding of the trends for this coming season, this advice on how to wear them will help you look stylish and fresh, both in and out of your garment comfort-zone.

As Autumn arrives, it’s time to open your mind to tailored suiting and thick overcoats in deep hues of burgundy and green, With the right pairings of colour and texture, your autumn/winter attire will have you both warmly and excellently dressed. So, what are the trends to watch?

Statement Outwear

While many men have relied on the sports jacket to bring a more casual tone to their outfits, usually in subtle tones of beige, or blue texture, the stripped-back Scandi look is being challenged this season. This Autumn’s overcoats are bringing forth louder colour notes and patterns are also making an appearance.

If you decide to don a boldly-designed overcoat with a large button as your anchor piece, partner it with tailored pants and smart shoes in more sober tones to conclude. Muted prints or soft weave textiles are great ways to bring individual and fresh flare to an outfit while ensuring you still look put-together.

The 90s Are Making a Comeback

Yes indeed the 90s just keep on giving. To wear the trend well, pair a straight leg tailored pant featuring a large cuff with a well-tailored long cut suit jacket, matched with a roll neck and overcoat. Try sticking to subtle tones with these smarter items, like beige and greys for coats and dark rich tones for any turtlenecks.

Regal Red, Burgundy and Dark Greens

While navy, blacks and grey are a safe addition to virtually any outfit, many stylists are heralding vibrant shades of green as the new daring way to break up the routine. Channel moss and darker green for you tailored looks. Pair these items with your usual dark staples, a black or navy shirt and sneakers.

Coloured Tailoring

Tailored suits are guaranteed to give you quality and fit that goes the distance and sits perfectly on your frame. The trend for colored suits in particular, is coming out in force as a way for men o bring more personality to traditional menswear. This Autumn season, the brave will give a taupe, powder blue, camel, rust or teal suit a try opting for a coloured suit may at first feel entirely out of your comfort zone but matching the colour with your complexion is a sure way to spice up your attire and stand out from the crowd.

If you need help figuring this out, one of George & King’s personal stylist team can show you how. Investing in the right tailored pieces is a surefire way to boost your sense of style and personal confidence.

About the Author
Maya White is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and university student. As a fashion student, she is passionate about textile design and specialises in fashion-related topics. If you would like to get in touch with Maya to discuss her stories, you can reach her by email here.