The good news is that you've popped the question and your partner said "yes". Congratulations! The bad news is that your work has only just begun. You have an entire wedding to plan. For most grooms the least of their worries is their own wedding suit, because let’s face it, suits are not as hard to find as the bride’s perfect dress, right? Wrong.

If we can offer would-be grooms one piece of advice it is to, above all else, not leave your suit to the last minute. Lock in your suit well in advance so you can focus on other preparations with the peace of mind that your outfit is sorted. Weddings are not always just about the gorgeous bride and her dress, it is also the groom’s rare opportunity to make his fashion statement to his guests.

Hence before you say ‘I do’ to your beloved at the altar, make sure to brush up these do’s and don’ts of wedding suits:


DO go for a Custom Suit

A custom made suit will ensure that it is unique to you and doesn’t have any duplicates on the racks anywhere. This way you can save yourself from the worst nightmare of looking like one of your guests. You can aim for a perfect and comfortable fit without having to worry about the alterations. You can play around with the customisation according to the current fashion trends or go for a classic vintage theme and still look dapper.

Everyone’s body shape is different so it is rare that you will find the perfect wedding suit in the shop racks easily. Despite involving a lot of work and cost, buying off-the-rack and then going for alterations might not always end up satisfactory whereas a custom-tailored suit will do the trick with the right tailor. It can get you and your bride both the real co-ordination better than the ones offered by off-the-rack suits.


DON'T wait till the last minute

Have your wedding suit ready at least 2 weeks in advance. Don’t delay your suit shopping to the week of the wedding because you will be surprised at the tonnes of last minute things that will pop up seeking your attention. A successful wedding is all about micro-managing. Trust us the last thing you want is to be running around trying to find a suit the day before your wedding, and you definitely don’t want to end up borrowing someone else’s suit, or finding a last minute hire that doesn't quite fit.

DO think beyond wedding with your Suit

Isn’t it great if your wedding suit can be used for other formal occasions? Don’t let it scream “I’m just back from saying my vows” if you want to wear it for work or to a special event. You can even consider wearing it again at the wedding of a close friend or a sibling. Going altogether fancy will stop you from such future use and may not use the full potential for the money you invested.


DON'T borrow or rent suits for cost cutting

 If there is one good investment you will be making at your wedding (besides the one with your spouse of course), is a finely stitched suit, preferably custom made and perfectly fitted for you. There is nothing like wearing a suit designed to your tastes tailor-made only for you on your big day. Why settle for a hand-me-down when you can be wearing a crisp brand-new suit that will make her fall in love with you all over again? One thing to remember with the rentals is that you get what you pay for.

DO get all the accessories right

Adding embellishments with a personal touch to your suit like a fancy belt, cufflinks, boutonniere, including your initials etc will enhance the overall look. Make sure to coordinate the tie and pocket square with that of your suit.

At George & King we take care of the minute details, from the lapels and buttons to the collar and pockets to ensure the finished product is a perfect fitting custom tailored suit that matches both your personality and your wedding vision.

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