Suits have always been considered the personification of class and sophistication.

The current styles we're familiar with today were introduced during a period of sartorial revolution beginning in the early 19th century, however it wasn't until the turn of the 20th century that the lounge suit became the everyday business wear for men the world over.

These suits have become the focal point of men’s formal wear and have the capacity of accentuating beauty in an impeccable fashion. Over the past 100 years the lounge suit has evolved every year and the suits that we men flaunt in the market today is a product of years of innovation and trends.

Obviously there is no surefire way to know how men’s suits will look in 100 years from now, so the best option may be look at the last 100 years to get an idea of how suits may continue to evolve into the future.



The lounge suit was first introduced to the mainstream market and became the most exquisite formal wear apparel for men; it included a frock coat and a classy cap to top it off.



This is when suits started transforming and aligning with changes in the society, suits now had exaggerated silhouettes and included loose fitting coats with tapered trousers. This era will always be the golden age of cinema!



World war had traumatized the whole world in this era. Rationing fabric had become a prerequisite in the fashion industry . Suits in this time had straight cuts and grey flannel became the face of suits all around the world.



1950 is when suits became more formal but included flamboyant velvet collars and long jackets with exaggerated silhouettes.



The Beatles age will always be remembered as a turning point in men’s suits, as the overall facet completely changed. Suits were much more fitted, with drain pipe trousers and collarless jackets that provided a sleek persona. This is the era when tailored made suits had become available all around the world.



The late 70's welcome the disco era, where men wore the most flamboyant suits possible. Suits at that time included exaggerated lapels and single button fastenings. The pants had been replaced by flared trousers and this transformation was influenced by the changes the Italians brought to men’s suits.



Giorgio Armani stepped up their game and completely revolutionized the fashion industry with the changes they made to men’s suits. This is the era when that extra layer of padding was removed and sleek fabrics were used to create formal business suits.



Another milestone in the fashion industry was achieved in 1990 when suits started depicting power and sophistication. This is the era when suits were fitted with thin ties and fitted trousers.



The millennium era took suits to a whole different level, as suits had become much more luxurious and bling embroidery became the face of the fashion industry.



Now suits are suave, sleek and have a masculine persona. We are living in the James bond era when a suit automatically transforms the wearer into a celebrity!



One thing is sure, suits will always remain the recipe of grandeur and only time can tell how suits will look in the future. Maybe they will incorporate new technologies (such as nanotechnology infused fabrics and flexible screens) to create designs that aren’t even possible right now. Another factor that will affect the suits of the future is global warming, all around the world we are facing rapid changes in temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions.

It is safe to say that designers will start using light and breathable fabric so that no one is deprived of the class that suits vibrate. Further more in order to adhere to the rapid changes in temperature, suits could include detachable collars and vest with zippers so that men can wear suits even when the temperature is unbearable.

According to the current trends there is a possibility that button less elastane shirts will be introduced that will provide the perfect fit and more fashion options will be available such as Brooch buttons and even the array of colors will also increase.

Even digital technology will help suits evolve, as companies will launch applications that allow users to purchase and order suits online. Not only will these apps allow people to buy suits within a matter of seconds, it will also enable end users with the power of entering fitting measurements for concierge services.

At the end of the day only time will tell how suits will look in the future, but one thing is certain suits will always be the epitome of absolute class and sophistication.


 Credits — Photos (in order of use): ‘Business Suit‘ via Pixabay. CC0 Public Domain.