Wool Week
In celebration of Wool Week's ninth year running this year, we are putting a spotlight on the eco-credentials of Merino wool and it's place in the suiting world as one of the world's leading suiting fibres. Wool has been used in clothing for millennia: from primitive man first clothing himself in the woolly skins of wild sheep to your now one-of-a-kind custom, tailored suit. There truly is no other fibre in the world quite like it, here's a little bit about why...


Durable & Thermo-regulating
Wherever you might journey, from the sunny beaches of Sicily to the frosty peaks of Mount Fuji, the renown of Australian Merino wool is apparent. This is largely due to the fibre’s inherent versatility and durability as a garment. Perhaps lesser known however, Merino wool is thermo-regulating—a smart fibre that reacts to the changes in your body temperature while you wear it. Meaning that, when it's warm, your wool suit breathes and self regulates to keep you cool and when it's cold, your wool suit will keep you warm and snug. Not baaaad hey?

Easy Care—Crease, Odour & Stain Resistant
Merino Wool is easy care—it is also wrinkle-resistant, odour resistant and stain resistant—the building blocks for the perfect suiting fibre for everyday wear. To care for your Merino wool suit, simply hang  your suit up in the bathroom whilst you shower—the steam will help to remove any creasing, and cast out unpleasant odours.  Merino wool fibres also have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed—so if you do spill some sauce, simply act fast. Merino wool also tends not to generate static so that it attracts less dust and lint.

Soft, Not Scratchy
Counter to popular belief, Australian Merino wool is soft—its  fibres are extremely fine, enabling them to bend far more than traditional, coarser wool fibres, making them feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin.


As an Australian brand, we are proud to use only Woolmark certified 100% Australian Merino wool (the highest quality suiting fibre in the world) to craft your wool garments from—sourced right here in Australia from local farmers whose success is intertwined with our own. 

"The Woolmark brand provides consumers with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality. The Woolmark brand is backed up by technical specifications for a wide range of wool products and wool care products. Stringent testing is carried out by independent authorised laboratories.”

Our Woolmark certification not only guarantees the quality of the Australian Merino wool we use to create your garments, but also that we ourselves can put trust in our products, confident that Australian Merino wool truly is the best suiting fibre available.  See for yourself first hand—book a Showroom Appointment and feel our premium Australian Merino wool fabrics, or for convenience, choose your favourite fabrics and have them delivered to your door, complimentary, with our Take Home Fabric Kit.  We're confident you will quickly see why we’re so fond of Australian Merino wool—and why you should be too.